Buying Process

Its easy and secure.  No credit checks, no background checks.  If you can make your down payment you qualify.  We aren’t a bank!  Baker Land Co LLC is a small family company that exists to make land buying affordable to anyone.  We purchase the land and allow buyers like you to make payments INTEREST FREE over 2-5 years.  This makes the payments low and easy to handle.  No huge down payments or front loaded interest loans.  You will be able to see your monthly progress through our easy to use GeekPay software.  Log in to see your loan balance.  Pay it off early at any time for zero penalties!  Its really that simple.  No tricks, no scams, no catch!


Step 1:  Choose a parcel of land you wish to make payments on.  Its best to have a conversation with our sales team to make sure you are a good fit for the land you are looking at.  Let us know what you are looking for and how you plan to use it.  We can direct you to the best land for you!

Step 2:  Make the down payment and document fee through the Geek Pay link or by calling someone from our sales team.  This is a credit card/ debit card processing through “Stripe”.  It is secure and widely used.

Step 3:  Once the down payment is made, we send the land contract, promissory note, sales and purchase contract and consent for ACH bank draft.   These are legal documents that protect you as a buyer.  You e-sign the documents and the land is yours to use.  You may go and use the land while you make payments on it but we do ask that you don’t make any improvements to the land without first paying it off.

Step 4:  Your next payment will be due 30 days from the down payment.  Emails will arrive monthly to remind you your payments will be auto-drafted.  Please make sure there are sufficient funds.

Step 5:  When you pay off the note, you now own the land!  We prepare the deed with your name(s) on it and sign the land over to you with a warranty deed.  This guarantees the land is free and clear without any liens, back taxes or encumbrances. 


Step 1:  Pay the doc fee through the Geek Pay link on the website.  (please contact us prior to initiating the payment)

Step 2:  We will ask you to fill out your information for the deed titling.  The deed will be drafted and sent to you for final approval via email.

Step 3:  A purchase sale agreement will be sent to you for e-signature through Adobe sign.  

Step 3:  Make final payment via bank wire.  Instructions will be emailed.

Step 4:  Once payment is made and all documents signed, the deed will be signed by Baker Land Co, notarized and recorded with the county recorder using Simplifile, an online filing system.  Once it's recorded, the original copy will be mailed to you within 2 weeks. 

Step 5:  You own the land!   Do what you like with it.  Make sure to contact the zoning and permitting office prior to starting your project.  No refunds for cash sale purchases.