About Us

Who we are

Baker Land Co, LLC exists to source great deals on land and pass that savings onto other land buyers and investors. We believe land ownership is a great investment and should be attainable to anyone.  We provide great cash deals and owner financing plans on land that make land buying super easy and affordable.  Currently, we have land in Costilla, Colorado but as this company grows we plan to add land from other states such as Tennessee, Alabama and Texas.  

We are a family business that believes in the "golden rule".  We will not take advantage of you, rip you off or stick you with a bad property.  We have a 60 day money back guarantee.  If you are not happy with your land, it will be refunded or else traded for another property in stock of equal or lesser value. (minus document fee, which is nonrefundable).

All properties for sale are owned by Baker Land Co LLC.  We are not a brokerage or wholesaler.  We have the right to sell and have the deed in hand.  We have already gone through the process of verifying title, back taxes and liens prior to buying.  You can rest assured that you will obtain a title to your property with a warranty deed and no liens or encumbrances.  We guarantee it!

Our Mission

Did you know that Baker Land Co LLC gives away 10 % of all profits to a great cause?  We do this because we believe that God calls his followers to give generously to those in need.   We have partnered with "Metro Relief" of Dallas, TX to help end the suffering of those who are homeless.  We have have a goal of giving away 6 figures a year eventually.  Help us on our mission!  Checkout Metro Relief and see what great things they are doing in multiple cities across the country.  https://www.metrorelief.org/