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Review by Michael Hurst on

Awesome service great communication


March 7

 "Joel did a great job, the process was simple we bought our property close to the Great Sand dunes Colorado. Thanks Baker land company"


Javier Crosier-Torres 9/5/2023 on google reviews

We had purchased 5 acres using Baker Land Co LLC. The owner of the business was very helpful and transparent with how the whole process worked. We put a large downpayment on the property and were happy with the purchase we made. Unfortunately, something happened at our home shortly after, and we needed the deposit we had just put down for the property. With Baker Land Co LLC's 60-day money back guarantee, we were able to contact the owner and got our deposit back. We are very thankful with the professionalism the owner demonstrated. We may look at properties again in the future through this company.

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